As a programmer my specialisms are C++ / C# / Unity / Unreal / Wwise.

I have a collection of portable C++ and C# code for tasks including:

– VO management / playback systems providing control over queuing, prioritisation, variation, sentence concatenation and callbacks to other game systems
– Extending Unity’s out-of-the-box audio features
– Interactive music in Unity
– Text-to-speech tools for script-driven placeholder VO generation

On recent projects I have provided both content (sound design / music) and audio programming, giving my clients an end-to-end audio service that dramatically reduces the level of support required for audio from their own development team.

Audio Programming Credits

RISK (PS4 / PS3 / Xbox One / Xbox 360, Ubisoft / Zoe Mode)

Fractured Space (Steam, Edgecase Games)

Powerstar Golf (Xbox One, Microsoft Studios / Zoe Mode)

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