Miracle Of Singapore

Recently I produced the music and sound design for a 3D projection-mapping installation called Miracle Of Singapore, part of the Images Of Singapore Live visitor attraction in Sentosa Island, Singapore, produced by London-based creative agency Seeper. The video below shows some of what is projection-mapped onto the walls and pillars of a custom built space – hence the unusual proportions. It’s not possible to show it in full in simple old fashioned video unfortunately! The audio on-site is mixed in 7.1 surround, however the centre channel is kept free for a live narration. The piece ends with a loop and fade as the audience is led out of the space.

Fractured Space Steam sale

Now’s a good time to pick up Fractured Space, 25% off. The good people at Steam have it all over the front page of their US store which is nice. Meanwhile the team keeps working away adding new content, fixing bugs, improving performance and using analytics data to balance and refine gameplay.

Fractured Space on Steam Early Access

Fractured Space, by Edge Case Games, my latest (and still very much in progress) project goes live on Steam Early Access today.

Edge Case’s model of “open development” is quite an eye-opener for me – involving the community in development from very early on, well before even this early release; releasing to Early Access at a point in development when traditionally you’d be many months away from the public’s first glimpse of the product. It’s scary in a way – work in progress exposed with all its flaws, and the internet sure can be cruel – but also invigorating. Real people are playing and feeding back and we can respond.

Welcome to the future!

(Sound Design & Audio Programming by Hornet Sound)

Risk announced

Ubisoft and Hasbro have recently announced the Hasbro Game Channel, including Risk – the game I’ve been working on for the last few months.

I’m responsible for all music, sound design and audio programming. The Game Channel trailer doesn’t show any of that but more Risk content will be coming soon.


Brian Reitzell on the music of Hannibal

I absolutely loved the music in the series Hannibal. It’s as disturbing and disorienting as the content of the show, full of alien tones and textures and creepy as hell. For me it’s a great example of the lines between sound design and music being blurred for atmospheric effect – in this case taking the viewer inside the ever more disordered mind of a central character.

This interview with the composer, Brian Reitzell, is a great read.


Powerstar Golf DLC course announced

Microsoft Studios unveiled the new Powerstar Golf course “Coyote Canyon” at PAX, you can see some of their play through videos below. I’ll add some footage that doesn’t have talking all over it once it becomes available.

I did the sound design (ambience, environmental sound and set pieces) and music (“western” themed course/tee flyovers and “on the green” tension cues, expanding on Richard Jacques’ excellent score for the original release). Fun with harmonica and banjo!

New music project underway

I started a new music project this week. I can’t give any details yet but it’s a game for a major publisher on multiple console platforms (some that have been around a while, and others that haven’t!) It’s a project that I have a particular affinity for so I was delighted to get the nod.

It’ll be out later this year and hopefully I’ll be able to share more details in a couple of months.