I’ve been writing music in one form or another since my teens. For most of the 90s I recorded, produced and performed live as a solo electronic artist under many different names and record labels, but primarily as Deviant Electronics for my own Helix Records label and later Blueroom Released. I released four solo albums and played clubs and festivals all over the UK, Europe, the US and Japan.

Between 1998 and 2003 I composed for commercials mostly for Dutch agency Massive Music, including commissions for Mercedes, Adidas, Peugeot, Yakult, Swissair and Deutsche Bank.

During my time as Audio Director at Zoë Mode my own music took a back seat to managing the audio output of the studio, applying my technical musical knowledge to games such as Chime, and commissioning other composers. More recently I’ve returned to composition, working on both personal projects and games.

You can find clips of my music for recent projects on the Home and Games pages on this site as well as below, but here are a couple of tracks via Soundcloud, first a track from RISK, and then a recent-ish personal project:

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