I’ve been making games since 2000, mostly focusing on audio as a sound designer, audio director, music supervisor and composer, but with additional experience in production and management roles. I know the business of creating audio for games inside out and what I can bring to a project above all is a guarantee that audio will be delivered to spec, to schedule, and to budget. In addition to my own abilities I have access to an extensive network of talent and service providers, ensuring that the right resources can be brought to bear on any project.

Here’s some information about games I’ve worked on and what I contributed.

Shooty Fruity (PSVR / Oculus / Vive, Near Light / nDreams)

Sound design, audio programming.

So Let Us Melt (Google Daydream, The Chinese Room / Google)

Sound design, audio programming.

Chainsmokers: Paris VR (PSVR, Curve Digital / Sony Music)

Sound design, interactive music, audio programming.

VR Perfect (PSVR / Vive / Oculus, nDreams)

Sound design, audio programming.

Risk: Urban Assault (Xbox One / PS4 / Xbox 360 / PS3, Ubisoft / Zoe Mode)

Music, sound design, audio programming

Castle Creeps Tower Defence (Android, Outplay Entertainment)

Sound design for creatures, heroes and towers.

Fractured Space (Steam, Edgecase Games)

Sound design, audio programming, some of the music.

Risk (Xbox One / PS4 / Xbox 360 / PS3, Ubisoft / Zoe Mode)

Music, sound design, audio programming

Powerstar Golf (Xbox One, Microsoft Studios / Zoe Mode)

Sound design and implementation, music supervision, optimisation. I returned to Zoe Mode to help them finish it as my colleague Joe Hogan was moving on to a new job at Frontier. Joe had done a great job as he always does.

For the “Coyote Canyon” DLC course (announced April 2014) I composed additional music and did all sound design work.

Silent Hill: Downpour (Xbox360 / PS3, Konami / Vatra Games)


Sound design, optimisation, music integration, alongside the excellent Nathan McCree.

Chime Super Deluxe (PS3, Zoe Mode)


Chime and Chime Super Deluxe are my pride and joy. The game was developed from my original concept and I was involved every step of the way, from designing and prototyping the interactive music systems to curating the licensed music, working with some fantastic artists along the way, all the way through to managing the PSN self-publishing process. As well as producing a critically acclaimed title that’s particularly close to my own heart, we raised a 6-figure sum for children’s charities via the One Big Game charity project.

Way Of The Dogg (Xbox360 / iOS / Android, 505 / Echo Peak)


Sound design, programming, production, a bit of everything. WOTD was an ill-fated project and the end product was deeply flawed, but although very very tough, it was an invaluable learning experience for me.

Haunt (Xbox360, Microsoft Studios / Nana On-Sha / Zoe Mode)


Audio Director. Developed in partnership with Masaya Matsuura (Parappa The Rapper) and his Nana On-Sha studio.

Guitar Hero: World Tour DLC (Xbox360 / PS3, Activision / Neversoft / Zoe Mode)


Audio Director, Producer. I set up, hired, trained and managed the team of musicians at Zoe Mode who took over production of DLC for Guitar Hero from Neversoft.

Chime (Xbox360, Zoe Mode / One Big Game)


See Chime Super Deluxe, above.

DJ Hero 2 R&D (Xbox360 / PS3, Activision / Freestyle Games / Zoe Mode)


Audio Director. Zoe Mode was involved in prototyping and developing new features for DJ Hero 2, such as additional instruments and modes.

Disney Sing It multiple titles (Wii / Xbox360 / PS3, Disney / Zoe Mode)


Audio Director. I oversaw the production of audio throughout Zoe Mode’s time developing this series.

You’re In The Movies (Xbox360, Codemasters / Zoe Mode)


Audio Director, sound design, music supervision. Working with composer Richard Jacques, we produced an award nominated original score spanning a wide range of movie music genres.

Crush3D (3DS, Sega / Zoe Mode)


Audio Director, sound design, music remixing. Bringing Crush up to date in the transition from PSP to 3DS.

Battalion Wars II (Wii, Nintendo / Headstrong Games)


Sound design – largely built on the work I did for the original Battalion Wars. I also did some additional sound design for the sequel.

Rock Revolution (Xbox360 / PS3, Konami / Zoe Mode)


Audio Director, music systems design, “Jam Mode” design (creative toolbox using game controller instruments).

Crush (PSP, Sega / Zoe Mode)


Audio Director, sound design, music supervision. The game was a critical hit, winner of Develop Award for Best Handheld IP. The off-kilter music, by Matt Coldrick, was a particular highlight for me!

Battalion Wars (Gamecube, Nintendo / Headstrong Games)


Sound design, music supervision.

Singstar (PS2, SCEE / Zoe Mode)


Audio Director / Project Manager. I set up the Singstar team at Zoe Mode and managed the transition from Sony’s London Studio to our team, who then went on to produce over 60 SKUs.

Eyetoy: Play Hero (PS2, SCEE / Zoe Mode)


Audio Director. Sound design and music supervision.

Eyetoy: Play Astro Zoo (PS2, SCEE / Zoe Mode)


Audio Director. Sound design and music supervision.

Eyetoy: Play Sports (PS2, SCEE / Zoe Mode)


Audio Director. Sound design and music supervision.

Eyetoy: Play 3 (PS2, SCEE / Zoe Mode)


Audio Director. Sound design and music supervision.

Eyetoy: Play 2 (PS2, SCEE / Zoe Mode)


Sound design for the Playrooms.

Pilot Down: Behind Enemy Lines (Xbox / PS2, Oxygen / Wide Games)


Music composition, interactive music scripting, sound design.

Prisoner Of War (Xbox / PS2, Codemasters / Wide Games)


Interactive music scripting, sound design.

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