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Latest Fractured Space reviews

Fractured Space left Early Access last month and since then the reviews have been coming in. The game’s going down really well! Our Metacritic score is currently 78. PC Gamer gave us 82%, saying “Fractured Space looks and sounds spectacular”. GodIsAGeek and Game Grin both awarded us 80%, and Gamewatcher a massive 90%! Eurogamer gave us a great write up too and their “Recommended” badge (they don’t give scores), calling out the “beautifully evocative” sound of ships warping into sectors.

BAFTA 2015

This year I was a member of the jury for the Audio Achievement award at the games BAFTAs, and last night was the big night. Congratulations to the Creative Assembly audio team for their well deserved win for Alien: Isolation.

Audio Achievement BAFTA 2015

I thought Isolation was a great example of a game whose heart and soul was in its audio, they really did a great job.

BAFTA Jury 2014 – Original Music

Now that this year’s BAFTAs have happened I’m allowed to say I was a juror for the Original Music category. I’m not allowed to say how I voted obviously, but having been involved a few times in recent years I thought the standard was particularly high this year. Bioshock Infinite took the prize on the night, and excellent it was too.

I particularly liked how they wove together disparate elements to support the world – original music ranging from tender emotional cues to big clattering rackets, alongside all sorts of borrowed elements, creatively worked in, and with a healthy streak of humour too.

Here’s the big moment, showing the full shortlist. I love the huge cheers you hear for Tearaway, which I thought was an off-kilter masterpiece.