2017 Roundup

It’s been a super busy year for Hornet Sound, with 3 new VR projects, ongoing work on Fractured Space, sound design for a theme park ride and work on a yet-to-be-announced console indie title.

Shooty Fruity

Released just yesterday, Shooty Fruity is a great VR shooter that pits you against waves of mutant fruit as you work the checkouts in Super Mega Mart. It’s colourful and chaotic and awesome fun. Developed by my good friends at Near Light and published by ndreams (PSVR / Oculus / Vive).

Chainsmokers Paris VR

This was a really fun project to work on – a VR experience built around a song by electronic duo Chainsmokers for PSVR. The player remixes and augments the song while moving through, and manipulating, dreamlike environments, everything synchronised and mapped to the harmony of the song. It recently earned a Raindance award for best branded VR experience. Developed by Curve Digital in partnership with Sony Music.

So Let Us Melt

Earlier in the year I teamed up with The Chinese Room to work on their Google Daydream VR experience So Let Us Melt. It was an ambitious and challenging project for such a relatively low powered platform, and the result is a unique science fiction fairytale, scored by BAFTA winning composer Jessica Curry. Developed by The Chinese Room and published by Google.

Gruffalo River Ride Adventure

I created the audio for this new ride at Chessington World Of Adventures which opened in the spring. Ride created by Seeper for Merlin Entertainment.

Fractured Space

Last but by no means least, I’ve continued to work on Fractured Space, Edgecase Games’ capital-ships-in-space epic, with updates released throughout the year, the most recent released within the last few hours! There’s plenty more to come from Fractured Space in 2018.

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